Midnight is the story of Estelle, a castaway lost at sea on the voyage of a lifetime. Now, years later, she finds herself swept into the arms of an order that seeks to protect the world from what it views as the next set of dangers over the horizon. Aided by an Islander with a dark past and a handsome warrior with ulterior motives, Estelle sets out to find her new place in a world that cast her aside, and discover the truth behind her marooning. But some truths are not meant to be learned...

The first chapter began airing in August 2016. If you want to start Midnight from the beginning, that's where you'll need to go on the sidebar. Following any of the links below will take you back to the appropriate month, so you can carry on from there.

It is available in the Bookstore.

First Chapters:

Chapter One: Fight(Part One)
Chapter One: Fight(Part Two)

Chapter Two: Wayside(Part One)
Chapter Two: Wayside(Part Two)

Chapter Three: Gateway(Part One)
Chapter Three: Gateway(Part Two)

Chapter Four: Wounds(Part One)
Chapter Four: Wounds(Part Two)

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