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Welcome to the Bookstore! From here, peruse the options available for your pleasure. Each of these stories was written by yours truly, edited before being put up for viewing and sale, and ran or runs for free as well. Check out the page for each one!

I will supply the manuscript in PDF format via email, after you make your payment. PayPal will automatically give me the email address tied to your account, so don't worry.

**IMPORTANT!** I will email you the manuscript within 24 hours of your purchase, as soon as I am able. If you have NOT received it within that time frame, check your spam filter, and then contact me.


Midnight: The First Novel of Maximus: $3.99

Estelle is a castaway lost at sea on the voyage of a lifetime. Now, years later, she finds herself swept into the arms of an order that seeks to protect the world from what it views as the next set of dangers over the horizon. Aided by an Islander with a dark past and a handsome warrior with ulterior motives, Estelle sets out to find her new place in a world that cast her aside, and discover the truth behind her marooning. But some truths are not meant to be learned...

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Belthor Spellweaver, The Second Novel of Maximus: $3.99

Belthor Spellweaver wants to be a wizard, and he's finally gotten what he needs: the patronage of a princess and of a hero, and the trust and faith of a master of magic. Together that earns him the right to study at the Grand School of Sorcery. The problem is that the world of magic may not be what he thinks it is, and between a mysterious girl with a taste for blood and a dark character known only as The Owner, Belthor has a lot more to worry about than his coursework...and that's without accounting for the secrets he uncovers about his own teachers along the way.

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Additional Option: Belthor Spellweaver + Midnight: $5.99!



Shieldmaiden, The Third Novel of Maximus: $3.99

Kacey is a pugnacious young lady in the Highlands who conceals a secret that could be the death of her: her father is human, but her mother was - is - a drow. Kacey can use withcraft in ways that mortal men cannot, and this makes her a target in a land where suspicion of elves and witches alike often ends in burnings. Her father's attempts to protect her are ill-appreciated, and lead to nothing but disaster and the death of their close bond. Alone, running from her mistakes, and armed with nothing but her father's enchanted shield, Kacey has to reckon with her past, her nature, and her future. Half each of drow and man she may be, but she alone can stop the war that threatens to destroy her people and deliver the world into the hands of a false messiah.

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Additional Option: Shieldmaiden + Midnight: $5.99!



Walker of Worlds, The Fourth Novel of Maximus: $3.99

He has lived a thousand lifetimes. He has died in all of them.

He has walked the world since bygone days of legend. He has never known peace.

He faced down the Forgotten Lord of Hell. He didn't survive the experience.

He's back anyway.

In far-distant Ardwal, a mystic land across the ocean from Highlands and Nurem both, darkness is rising. Supernatural forces unite under the leadership of a shade known as the Grey Witch, and a legion of drow has come together for their own purposes. A mercenary is on the prowl, hunting for one last job to save his life, and a tempest-tossed servant tries to redeem herself for her greatest failure.

Into this chaos, he comes. Emerging from the void as before, but now not alone...and now with a mission. He's starting to remember who he is and who he was, and his role not only in the events of the recent past, but in the greatest quest in myth, legend, and history combined.

He calls himself Walker. Walker of Worlds.

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Additional Option: Walker of Worlds + Belthor Spellweaver: $5.99!


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