Belthor Spellweaver

Belthor Spellweaver is the story of a young man who wants to be a wizard, and who has finally gotten what he needs: the patronage of a princess and of a hero, and the trust and faith of a master of magic. Together that earns Belthor the right to study at the Grand School of Sorcery. The problem is that the world of magic may not be what he thinks it is, and between a mysterious girl with a taste for blood and a dark character known only as The Owner, Belthor has a lot more to worry about than his coursework...and that's without accounting for the secrets he uncovers about his own teachers along the way.

The first chapter began airing in March 2017. If you would like to start at the beginning, you'll need to go back to that month using the sidebar, or select any of the first four chapters listed below. These four will never be taken down.

It is available through the Bookstore.

Opening Chapters:

Welcome Belthor, Son of Morse(Part One)
Welcome Belthor, Son of Morse(Part Two)

The Newcomer(Part One)
The Newcomer(Part Two)

The School of Sorcery(Part One)
The School of Sorcery(Part Two)

The Sin of Curiosity(Part One)
The Sin of Curiosity(Part Two)
The Sin of Curiosity(Part Three)

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