Friday, January 13, 2017

Update - Progress Report! Sequel!

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night/non-specific time, to all who are reading this! Oh, I left you at a cliffhanger, didn't I? Silly me! Tune in next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel! ;-)

Midnight will continue running at its regular schedule for the next two months as the story concludes. However, I am ready to cheerfully announce the story continues past Midnight's run, with the completion of the second novel of Maximus. I'm not ready to announce its name or put it up for sale, as it's still in the editing phase and a lot of things are currently fluid, but fairly soon I will make it available for purchase when these edits are complete.

If that doesn't float your boat - never fear! Upon the conclusion of Midnight and a slight break between projects, I will run Maximus 2 on the same schedule you all know, for free.

HOWEVER! I will be taking down a few chapters as soon as I'm ready to place Maximus 2 up for sale, staggered selectively throughout the manuscript. Just be forewarned!

Estelle will NOT be the main character, though at least one of the cast members of Midnight will appear in a semi-regular role.

I hope you had a happy new year,  and I hope you're enjoying the story :-) If you're reading this, no matter who you are or where you are, I think you're pretty cool!

I'll talk to you again when Maximus 2 is ready, and I don't think that will be long!

-Kevin Haulsee